Smart Home

Matrix Sound and Vision brings your home into the Internet Age with a touch of sophistication. As you leave your home, it turns off TVs, sets the Temperature and arms the alarm.

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Smart Team

Matrix Sound and Vision uses advanced products and systems that bring new levels of intelligence and automation to your existing home. It’s our duty to make sure you have the best technology going into your home.

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Smart Monitor

All Matrix Sound and Vision designs are made to be simple to deploy and just as easy to operate. By keeping complexity in the background we let our customers benefit from the results. And we keep an eye on it, too, just in case.

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Today  Smart Homes and luxury residential environments are benefiting from connected appliances, cameras and wireless technologies, addressing everything from outlets, to door locks and window shades. The systems work in harmony to keep homeowners more comfortable, secure and connected.

Making these systems work requires supporting and monitoring a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, automated lighting, and home care. A  mobile device can control your intelligent home systems from anywhere, look in on your camera, lock your door or change the temperature.